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A car that caused 2 semi-trucks to crash is the perfect metaphor for the Tennessee Titans

Bad drivers are bad drivers and should be banished from motorways. (And it should be noted that, by available reports, there were no serious injuries in the following gif.)

But there is a certain audacity — I’ll stop short of calling it “admirable” — to one type of bad driver that you can’t help but be awed by. People whose stupidity is only matched by their assumption of privilege. People who may even understand that they’re only compounding their mistake, but are too absorbed in the machinations of their narcissism to change course.

I don’t know if there is a perfect word to describe this sort of person. Instead, we have the perfect gif:

Again, reportedly no one was hurt, which is remarkable, really. It’s as if this accident was given to us specifically to be a cautionary illustration of who these “whoopsy” dummies are.

The fact that the driver of the white car gets away unscathed from the accidents it causes also feels like a good lesson in the benefits that having wanton confidence can have in your life. YOLO’ing with no regard for the fact that other people also only live once can do more than just get you to your destination a bit faster.

Take the Tennessee Titans, for example. They tipped over the red, reliable fruit truck known as the New England Patriots and caused the big, blue, full-steam-ahead semi known as the Baltimore Ravens to jackknife with just a bit of outmoded, anti-analystics football philosophy and some bold claims. The Titans are the little, white, idiot sedan that could in the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

See, this is sports.

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