Thursday , June 4 2020
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How NBA superstars became a second boss to their teammates

The term “player empowerment” is a misnomer when discussing the current NBA paradigm. We are not really in an era of player empowerment; we are in an era of superstar empowerment. The fates of teams don’t really rely on the whims of but a couple dozen of the top players …

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The latest updates on the NBA’s coronavirus shutdown

After the spread of Covid-19 caused the NBA to suspend its 2019-20 season, the league is working on if and how it can play out its remaining regular-season games and postseason. As of March 20, anything is on the table. The world outside of sports isn’t even sure when it …

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Where the NBA’s top free agents should go this offseason

Whether the 2019-20 NBA season is over or not, free agency will eventually begin. Teams will add and lose players from their current rosters. The business of basketball will go on. Unfortunately, this year’s cycle won’t pick up where the last one left off; none of the league’s most significant …

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How the NBA’s suspended season will affect its best teams

Before Covid-19’s accelerated, unnerving reach made everyday life feel like it was dangling by a thread, the NBA was connective tissue for millions of people who treated any random weeknight’s slate of games as both part of their daily routine and the most reliable way to preoccupy areas of the …

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