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DeMar DeRozan had one of the most disrespectful dunks of the NBA season

DeMar DeRozan submitted his entry for most disrespectful dunk of the NBA season, and it probably won’t be beat.

Sunday against the Raptors, down 17, DeRozan skipped past Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, blew by a swiping Kyle Lowry, and ate up Chris Boucher while throwing down the ball with authority.

DeRozan also took Boucher down with him, and looked at him in disgust for even trying to jump with him.

People usually talk about the sweet sound of ball making contact with bat in baseball, but there’s nothing quite like the crisp sound of one basketball player booming on another. This was a prime example of that.

The even sweeter part about this for DeRozan is that it came against his former team. So there was probably some frustration behind that dunk. And the Spurs actually ended up erasing the deficit too, and won the game 105-104.

This dunk had all the elements of a great one. Usually two major things have to happen for us to have an “Oh shit!” reaction to a dunk. DeRozan checked both boxes and gave us so much more.

One is the violent force with which a dunk is thrown down. People generally love vicious actions (see: NFL football), and DeRozan tried to break the rim on this dunk. He almost did.

The second is to absolutely embarrass somebody else in the process. If you didn’t know who Chris Boucher was before this dunk, you do now. Because everybody always wants to know who is on the receiving end of a poster dunk this good.

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