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Eddie Hall shows off incredible 36kg body transformation as he prepares to fight Hafthor Bjornsson in ‘the heaviest boxing match in history’

Eddie Hall revealed his incredible body transformation ahead of his boxing clash with Hafthor Bjornsson later this year.

The two former World’s Strongest Men winners have been exchanging a war of words for some time and are preparing to settle their differences in the ring with their fight slated for September.

The two men will clash in Las Vegas


The two men will clash in Las Vegas

Hall has been in training for the bout with ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones and has dropped a serious amount of weight.

In a post on Instagram, ‘The Beast’ posted a side by side image of how he looked in 2017 when he was crowned World’s Strongest Man and how he looks now.

Back in 2017, Hall tipped the scales at 197kg but now is a much leaner figure at 161kg, a difference of 36kg.
Speaking previously about his weight loss Hall said: “Cardio training for big guys is unique, you have to adapt it so that you don’t lose muscle and you don’t tire out.

“Using methods to not only improve your cardiovascular system but also help your body to recover after weight sessions by shifting lactic acid, helping the tendons, ligaments and muscles to repair.”

Though he has still revamped his diet, he still is consuming around 7,000 calories a day and still has a number of months before he steps into the ring.

The feud with his opponent started when Hall won the 2017 World’s Strongest Man as Bjornsson accused the Brit of cheating during the Viking Press.

However, video evidence uploaded to Hall’s YouTube channel appeared to dismiss the Icelander’s claims.

Now, the pair will come to blows inside a boxing ring in Las Vegas.

Hall said: “I’m training for this fight like I trained to be the strongest man in the world, no stone unturned and anyone in my way is getting milled down.

Hafthor Bjornsson (‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones) broke the world deadlift record last year

Rogue Fitness (youTube)

Hafthor Bjornsson (‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones) broke the world deadlift record last year

“With the experience MTK Global [the official boxing advisers to organisers Core Sports] brings to the table, this event will be even better than it was going to be.

“As for the fight itself, I have zero doubt in my mind that cry baby Thor is getting folded in half and sent packing back to Iceland.”

Bjornsson, who is well known for playing ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones, added: “I’m very excited with MTK Global’s involvement as this is something I’ve been taking very seriously and I want others to know how serious this fight will be.

“I’ve been extremely focused and dedicated in my training as always and I am looking forward to getting in that ring.”

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