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NBA players wearing Joker Halloween costumes, ranked

NBA players have an obsession with the Joker, and decided to go all out with it for Halloween. Five players (that we know of) decided to dress like the villain, and they were all extra AS HELL with their fits.

Let’s rank ‘em.

5. Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie deserves lots of respect points because he was the only player to show up to an NBA arena in costume. But, of course, that means he couldn’t go as hard as the other guys on this list.

Still, that’s pretty good!

4. DeAndre Jordan

That pose! The suit! Those stairs! The face paint is good, too. This was very solid by Jordan, the first of two 7’ Jokers.

3. Karl-Anthony Towns

OK, Towns might be the creepiest Joker. He’s extremely tall, extremely in-character, has a cane, did the weird clapping and made it into this montage:

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A post shared by Karl-Anthony Towns (@karltowns) on Oct 29, 2019 at 10:26am PDT

This is pretty spot-on! And it would be downright terrifying except for the fact that he lost a televised fight a day earlier.

2. Bradley Beal

Shoutout to whoever did Beal’s makeup, which was by far the best. The bright red lips, pale-as-a-ghost face (and neck and chest), green hair and tattoos. Beal had it all going for him.

1. John Wall

Nurse Joker is the best Joker and Wall absolutely owned this. The dark black eye makeup and the nurse fit were on point.

And then this man hit the Dougie.

What more could you really ask for?

Who wore your favorite NBA Joker costume?

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Which NBA player was the best Joker?

  • 30%

    John Wall

    (241 votes)

  • 12%

    Bradley Beal

    (100 votes)

  • 17%

    Karl-Anthony Towns

    (137 votes)

  • 33%

    DeAndre Jordan

    (259 votes)

  • 5%

    Spencer Dinwiddie

    (41 votes)

778 votes total

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