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NFL FanPulse, Week 11: Falcons fans’ confidence soars while Saints fans’ plummets

The Falcons pulled off the unthinkable on Sunday: a 26-9 upset win on the road against Atlanta’s most hated rival, the Saints. It was arguably the biggest shocker of the week — maybe even the season — and FanPulse results for both teams reflected its magnitude.

Falcons fans had been hovering below 8 percent fan confidence since the team’s Week 3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. But that changed in a big way after knocking off their NFC South rival.

You may be thinking, “Well, actually, 26 percent is still bad,” and you’re not wrong. But it’s still a huge jump from 4 percent heading into Week 10.

Drew Brees was sacked six times by a Falcons team that had seven sacks on the season coming into the matchup. The Saints had scored double-digit points in 110 straight games and won four straight at home prior to the upset, per The Falcoholic’s Adnan Ikic. No wonder Saints fans’ confidence was shaken by the loss.

Saints fans were holding firm with 100 percent fan confidence for three consecutive weeks. That rating plummeted to 71 percent after the loss. The Saints have the 3-6 Buccaneers on the schedule this week. A win in Tampa Bay should give that fan confidence a boost in Week 12.

There were only three games in Week 10 decided by more than one touchdown: the Falcons’ win over the Saints, the Packers’ 24-16 win over the Panthers, and the Ravens’ 49-13 dismantling of the winless Bengals.

It must be nice to have Lamar Jackson at QB

Ravens fans’ confidence has held steady for two solid weeks at a perfect 100 percent.

This is why Ravens fans are so confident. Lamar Jackson cannot be stopped.

Cincinnati is still winless, and Bengals fans are either resigned to a terrible season or understand that there’s no shame in getting torched by Lamar Jackson these days. They are somehow clinging to an 8 percent confidence rating. That’s just a two-point drop from last week despite losing by 36 points at home.

The Ravens look like they could be formidable down the stretch. At 7-2, they’ve got a healthy two-game lead in the AFC North, and they’re just one win behind the top teams in each conference, the AFC’s Patriots and the NFC’s 49ers.

Let’s check in on Patriots and Niners fans

The last unbeaten team fell in an overtime thriller when the Seahawks beat the 49ers 27-24 in San Francisco on Monday Night Football. Losing to a playoff-caliber division rival didn’t put much of a dent in how 49ers fans feel about the team.

While 49ers fan confidence has been stable all season, Seahawks fan confidence has been on a bit of a journey. It jumped from 62 percent in Week 10 to 70 percent after ending the Niners’ eight-game win streak.

We’ll get a rematch between the Niners and Seahawks in Seattle in Week 17. For now, the Seahawks are sitting pretty at 8-2. They have a bye next week, but that fan confidence rating may change anyway. That happened for the Patriots this week, when New England fans were suddenly slightly more confident in the team despite the week off.

Patriots fans probably just needed a week to recover from that absolute drubbing by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Week 10. They aren’t worried about the Patriots’ next matchup, either.

We’ll see on Sunday if Patriots fans’ prediction about this week’s matchup is correct.


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