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This 90s video game made up the most hilarious fake NBA team names

Super Dunk Shot, the Japanese version of the 1992 SNES video game NCAA Basketball wound up in the SB Nation Slack. Have you seen this? It feels like something that’s probably been around on the internet for a while, but it is new to me and I want to make sure you’ve seen it.

For some reason, this version features the close approximations of NBA team names, and they are incredible.

Lucky for us, Legends of Localization did a photo gallery with all the team names so I could easily peruse and rank them for our amusement. My list:

28. Orlando Miracle

27. Sacramento Bears

26. All American Dynamics

25. Minnesota Huskies

24. Dallas Maximums

23. Miami Beat

22. Long Beach Clips

21. Atlanta Eagles

20. Detroit Pistols

19. Indiana Packers

18. Denver Nucleuses

17. Utah Jaws

16. San Antonio Spears

15. New Jersey Mets

14. Washington Bullions

13. New York Kicks

12. Philadelphia Wolfpack

11. Seattle Superjets

10. Charlotte Hornbills

9. Cleveland Caviares

8. Chicago Bills

7. Golden State Warthogs

6 Portland Trailers

5. Los Angeles Lasers

4. Houston Pockets

3. Boston Celeries

2. Phoenix Sons

Drumroll please …

No. 1 in my heart … the Milwaukee Backs!

What’s your top five? Drop ‘em in the comments, if you want!


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